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Il Vicoletto Wine and Food evening!!

March 11, 2010 by Inez 2 Comments »


 “Il Vicoletto” and “A Taste of Italy” Wine and Food evening

 Last night we were warmly welcomed by Il Vicoletto restaurant, for a night of delicious food and of course fantastic wine!!! Christan and Georgio prepared and oganised a wonderful 5 course dinner and paired aevery course with different wine – a great selection!!

 The Menu

  • Aperiftif was Sicillian Cous Cous served with the Endrizzi Brut Riserva
  • 1st course was the “Papa Pomordoro” soup with fried squid with the Endrizzi Brut Riserva
  • 2nd course was a Caramelised pear Risotto, served with the Cantina Terlano Pinot Bianco
  • 3rd course was Gnocchi with a crab, lobster and a tomato sauce, served with the San Vincenzo by Anselmi
  • 4th course was an Oganic Beef fillet, with a sweet sauce, served with the Tereldego Riserva by Endrizzi
  • 5th course was the peppery chocolate soufle, served with a Moscato Rosa by Endrizzi

Everybody had a wonderful evening and enjoyed all of the food and wine which was showcased,  we look forward to the next wine evening at Il Vicoletto Restaurant!!

Inez O’Shea  “A taste of Italy”                                                 




2 Responses to “Il Vicoletto Wine and Food evening!!”

  1. Stefano says:

    I ate there recently and here’s my evaluation:

    At 1st we felt very welcome
    Starter – very good – though very little bread offered
    Then, couldn’t help notice all the flies – in my wine, starter etc – quite off putting!
    Main course – pretty decent – I had the T-Bone – should have had the fillet – but it was fair enough
    Didn’t have desert – was too full (nicely full though)
    Ordered 2 espressos to finish the evening
    Offered a digestivo, and had a nice grappa.

    Then, the bill!! What a farce – an absolute rip off.
    €3.00 for a bottle of everyday mineral water (Panna) – nonsense!
    €3.00 for a single espresso – for an Italian restaurant to charge this is an insult!

    My recommendation: unless you are a tourist willing to simply throw your money around Temlpe Bar like an idiot avoid this place until they sort out their charges.
    It’s a homely place, not a classy place – the staff – a little overbearing, if not a wee bit annoying – and let’s face it: IT’S A RECESSION! €3.00 espresso is just shameful!

    Btw: this is not an Italian run restaurant – so, like so many Italian ‘themed’ restaurants in Dublin – be sure to check, if you’re looking for the ‘real deal’.

    I left this place feeling hard done by.

  2. Luca says:

    Well Stefano , obviously you don’t go much to Italy ,we often go to Vicoletto and we never had a bad meal , certainly the best Italian restaurant in Dublin . We know the chef and most of the staff , I can ensure you this is a genuine Italian restaurant and it is very traditional and exceptionally well priced . Never been charged the prices you said ,I actually checked on my last visit last Saturday ,coffee is €1.90 and is served in fancy personalized cup ,water is €2.50 ,nevermind the quality of the food ,simply the best . We have tried almost all Italian restaurants in Dublin ,and in all honesty we always left somehow disappointed . Vicoletto is the real deal trust me when it comes to quality .Shame that they don’t market the place ,they’re not into awards and press or any attention ,and I realized they just simply carry on and building up a serious name and focus on their job. It’s just either not for you Stefano as you need to know certain flavours to recognize Italian food either you just don’t like the guys in there.One way or the other you’re wrong there ,I felt I have to respond as certainly it is misguiding comment from your part ,they deserve my support and other locals to have them on Dublin dinning scene.Go there people and have fun ,they’re just fantastico!

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