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Moak – An Italian Coffee Experience

March 14, 2012 by Christine 1 Comment »

A Taste of Italy is proud to announce that we have just won the agency for Moak Coffee in Ireland.


The high quality of Moak’s products comes out from the careful research of raw materials you can find on the international market and from a production process that uses the most advanced and efficient technologies, yet maintaining the deepest tradition of handmade roasting, in order to guarantee its clients a range of products able to satisfy every palate and every need.

Each coffee quality is roasted separately from the others. That way, every type of coffee bean reaches an ideal roasting level and a balanced blend with reference to taste, acidity and flavour can be created. The synergy between experience and advanced technology allows us to produce high quantities of coffee, maintaining an intact quality of handmade roasting.

So, our blends are easily identified by lines and products and are immediately referable to Moak’s identity.



These are just some of the products which you can buy in our coffee shop at  Just click on ” THE COFFEE SHOP” on the left hand side.


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  1. Coffee’s a great way to convince yourself into believing you’re going to have a productive day.

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