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A Taste of Italy and Nonna Rosa at the Wexford Food Festival

May 22, 2012 by Christine No Comments »

If you are wondering what to do this weekend you could take a trip down to Wexford Town to the Food Festival. There is a programme of events from Thursday evening through till Sunday27th May.

On Saturday and Sunday, A Taste of Italy will be there together with Nonna Rosa to offer anybody who is interested a sample of great Italian wine and food.

Go down and join Pasquale and Luigi for a hour or two.

This is the link to the festival. See you there!


Starters in Cristina’s Italian Restaurant

May 23, 2011 by Christine No Comments »

Recently we ate in Cristina’s Italian Restuarant in Main Street, Gorey (053-9480808)  for a special occasion. Cristina’s is new blood in an old venue and works well. Ivan, the chef, comes from Naples and brings passion into cooking. So although they do offer chips with everything (you have to survive!), they are not compulsory and for anyone who wants real Italian cooking in North Wexford, this is a must. 


 The cold meats and cheese platter


I’d like to share our starters with you. We had, very simply, bruschette with a cheese and cold meats platter. The cheese and cold meats were well presented and offered a wide selection. The bruschette were simple – as they should be. Lightly toasted thick cut white bread topped with extra virgin olive oil, fresh chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of salt and oregano. The proof that food doesn’t necessarily need hours of cooking to be a taste sensation.

And what to drink with this? Our choice was a Trebbiano D’Abbruzzo by Pietrantonj. This decisive, full bodied and lively white wine is well priced for today’s difficult times. Of course, for those who still want to splash out, Jarno Trulli (the formula one driver) also produces a couple of very good Trebbianos  in his vineyards – Podere Castorani.

Well done Cristina’s. We’ll definitely be back.


Darwins Restaurant

March 8, 2011 by Inez No Comments »




Darwins Restaurant is one of Dublins best known steak restaurants, in fact to be totally honest the steak are “to die for”, and they can proudly keep their claim to fame.
 A little bit of history about Darwins, they have been open for 6 years which in this day and age is a remarkably good length of time.  Interestingly the restaurant is named after Charles Darwin the naturalist who put forward the notion of evoloution (“The Origin of Species”). 
Darwins is not only well known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere but also for the excellent range and standard of food.  Naturally they pride themselves on their excellent quality of steak which is sourced from their “in house” butcher.  For the steak lovers you can be assured that all the meat is Irish, which comes from the Boyne Valley.  The steaks are succulent, soft and so so flavoursome!! The chefs do a fantastic job of ensuring that all steaks are cooked to everybodies liking no matter how you like it!!
Darwins also cater for the seafood lovers and naturally vegetarians as well. Possibly their signature vegetarian dish is the Honey, Lime, Sesami and Tofu steak so not only can the meat eaters enjoy a steak but so too can the vegetarains, nobody is left out there!! 
For the sweet tooths there is a large selection of deserts from light enoyable sorbet’s to a rich warm chocolate brownie with chocolate raspberry and creamy bourbon vanilla ice cream, in my oppinion a “must have” if your going to go down the desert road.
For the wine list Darwins have a range of wines from all around the world, the Italian wines include a rich and fruity Nero d’Avola by Tola. The house white is a light and crsip Bianco Sicillia and of course my favouite which is the San Vincenzo by Anselmi which is a medium bodied elegant and full flavoured white from Veneto.

The restaurant has a such a lovely warm and welcoming feel, it’s one of those places you instantly feel relaxed and at ease in. 
Inez O’Shea
“A Taste of Italy”


Darwin’s Restaurant,
80 Aungier Street,
Dublin 2
Tel: 01-4757511 , Fax: 01-4758942


D’Vine Wine Bar

February 9, 2011 by Inez No Comments »

D’vine Wine bar is a charming little cosy wine bar which has recently opened on Bachelors Walk in central Dublin. It is directly opposite Temple Bar and looks out on to the Liffey River. Appart from their great location D’vine has a great range of Italian wines, being an Italian style wine bar they have all the classic Italian wines ie Chianti, Pinot Grigio, Valpolicella Ripasso etc but also some other quirky little wines which make the wine list intersting and gives it some variety.  Food to enjoy with the wine includes cheese boards and cold meat platters, they also have a small pizza oven where they can whip up some simple but tasty little pizzas and paninni’s in case you feel for something warm.

All in all D’vine is a quaint and homey wine bar, which has a romantic Italian feel yet is smack bang in the heart of Dublin!! Well worth popping in to.

Inez O’Shea
“A Taste of Italy”


“Credo” Wine and Pizza tasting

June 28, 2010 by Inez No Comments »

Royalty Free RF Clipart Illustration Of A 3d Chef Henry Character Serving A Pizza Pie Version 1 by Julos“Credo” is a new up and coming take away pizza shop in Dublin, they are situatied very close to St Stephens Green and are the first take away shop in Ireland which can deliver pizza and wine together, so when you ring up to order your pizza, not only can you order the pizza but a bottle of wine to go with it!! “Credo” prides itself on its genuine Italian pizza, with all Italian staff trained in pizza making. The pizza’s are about 10 steps up from a fast food pizza as the dough is made by hand and the ingredients are fresh and of a very good quality, not only this but it is very reasonably priced!!

 This week kicking off from Tuesday the 29th of June “Credo” will begin a week of wine tasting showcasing all of the wines which they stock.  The agenda for the week is as follows
Tuesday the 29th – 
-Cortese Divino, by Produttori Del Gavi 2009
-Greco, by Cantina del Taburno 2009
– Valpolicella Ripasso, by Le Tobele 2008

Wednesday 30th
– San Vincenzo, by Anselmi 2009 (A taste of Italy)
– Chianti Colli Senesi, by Salchetto 2008  (A taste of Italy)
– Dolcetto d’Alba, by Sandrone 2008  (A taste of Italy)

Thursday 1st
-Aglianico, by Koine 2008 (Wicklow Wines)
-Prosecco, by Viticolturi Ponte (Wicklow Wines)
-Merlot and Nero D’Avola, by Lunate 2008  (Wicklow Wines)
-San Giovese, by Piane di Maggio 2008 (Wicklow Wines)

Friday 2nd July
– All of the above wines including
-Amarone Della Valpolicella, by Lo Tobele 2006  (A taste of Italy)

The music will be pumping and the pizza and wine flowing, so it will be a great opportunity to enjoy a bit of wine and pizza after work and a really good opportunity to to try a variety of wines so when you do order a pizza you know exactly what wine you would like to go with it!!

The wine tasting is from 5:00-7:00pm on Montague st (off Lower Camden st). 
Look forward to seeing you all there!!

Inez O’Shea – A taste of Italy


Sunday Business Post July 6(Ross Golden Bannon) about Thornton’s

July 7, 2008 by Christine No Comments »

Tantalising translation of skill at Thornton’s

Wine choice by Christophe Martiniere, Sommelier

His first choice was an astonishing Franciacorta brut ‘Saten’ ,Antica Fratta. Fresh, clean, crisp sparkling Italian wine with an almost unreachable note-the taste of clouds or spun gold perhaps!

Masetto Dulcis 2005, Endrizzi
An Italian sweety with some elegance which came into its own with the following course of scrambled eggs with black truffles and pepper and served in the egg shell

With a flourish, Christophe appeared with a wine from Switzerland by Martha and Daniel Gantenbein, Pinot Noir aus Flasch 2006. What could be matched with the magic of this jealously guarded Swiss wine?

Brancaia Il Blu 2001, La Brancaia
A sexy super tuscan bruiser

The cheese was beautifully matched by Gran Masetto 2004, Endrizzi! Made like Amarone with the dried grapes giving it that unique raisin note! (this was a mistake in the review of wine with Capannelle Solare 2001)

Compliments to Kevin, Christoph, Ken and all Staff of Thornton’s , for that fantastic revue!!

A taste of Italy staff