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Even more great wines

August 22, 2011 by Christine No Comments »

I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer. We’ve been busy sourcing even more new wines for you to try. 



Podere Castorani (Jarno Trulli) 

Amorino Pecorino Abruzzo DOC 2010

A Pecorino with an intense straw yellow colouring and an aroma of pears, white flowers and exotic fruit.

To the palate it is well structured with exotic and citrus fruit, full and caressing, with an aftertaste of ripe fruit.

Gianni Gagliardo

Fallegro Langhe DOC 2010

Made from favorita grapes in the Roero region, this white has a delicate aroma, reminiscent of acacia flowers and an elegantly tart, slightly fizzy taste.

It is perfect as an aperitif or ideal on pate, with oily dishes, tarts with butter, smoked salmon caviar, fish.


 San Fabiano Calcinaia

Chianti Classico DOCG 2008

From the Sangiovese vineyards of San Fabiano (250 m). It ages in barrels of 2nd and 3rd passage for a period of 12 months and then it stays in the bottle at least three months. It is the synthesis of Chianti tradition: land and vines, combined with modern winemaking and more time to care quality. Suitable for ready consumption, however, it improves after a medium period of ageing



          Nino Franco

          Faíve Rosé Brut

          Variety and grapes: 80% Merlot 20% Cabernet Franc
         Type: Rosé Brut
         The wine has a rose petal pink colour. A long persistence, creamy, brut but with natural softness and fruity aromas of red fruit and pears

It is very good as an aperitif but also perfect throughout the whole meal


The beauty of Brancaia

April 8, 2011 by Inez No Comments »

Brancaia is one of the leading wineries in Tuscany, Brancaia only produces four wines,  however the four wines which they do produce are quite simply outstanding.  There are many contributing factors which make a wine so special the first being the location of the winery.  Brancaia being  in the heart of the Chianti Classico zone is an area famous for it’s excellent “Terroir”.  Brancaia’s vinyards all have hillside location, looking south, southwest or southeast which means the grapes recieve maximum sunlight and  ripen to their full potential, consequently improving  the flavour of the wine.  The vines are then planted quite close together which resutls in the vines having to compete with each other for the nutrients in the soil.  The moderate amount of stress which they suffer from also results in  the grapes ripening earlier and the yield being reduced.  A reduced yield gives a far better quality of wine. As the saying goes “A struggling vine, makes good wine” .

The bunches of grapes on the vine are then thinned out mid June,  this means that the remaining grapes recieve all the of the vines attention and the concentration levels are increased which again improves the flavour and quality of the wine. 
Naturally each of the different wines have different vinification methods but all of the equipment used at the estate is modern and stat of the art.  The barrels used for maturing are French oak with medium toasting and used only for 3 years as they believe after this period the lovely oak flavours are imparted less and less.

As you can see there are many reasons for Brancaia’s success,  from their viticultural methods in the vinyard, to the vinification methods in the winery.  Their success comes from scrupulous attention to detail in all areas and we are proud to be importing their wines.

Inez O’Shea
“A Taste of Italy”


Brancaia Tre                                           Brancaia Il Blu



Brancaia Illatraia                              Brancaia Chianti Classico