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Ruche Wines

August 19, 2010 by Inez No Comments »

While travelling in the Italian region of Piedmont I was eating in a small pub in the town of Castognole, this small pub was totally my style: simple, easy, laid back, with of course briliant food and wine. What made this pub also so special was the “randomness” of the clientele, there were families having dinner, teenagers having a few beers,  couples enjoying a quite dinner together, even a group of elderly locals had gathered to enjoy a grappa and a chat. With the mixture and confusion of everybody it created an energetic and exciting atmosphere.  It was here that the owner who runs the pub with her husband recommend I try a Ruche wine with my meal. 

My response was Ru…. what???Having never heard of a Ruche, she explained that Ruche is from the Castognole region which is a small zone of about 10kms comprising of the 7 small villiages in Castagnole Monferrato.  Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato is now a DOC production region. Ruchè wine is made from a rare indigenous grape variety, which has been researched and discovered to have its very own DNA.  The annual production is around 450,000 – 500,000  bottles of wine, with only 75 hectares of Ruchè vineyards existing.

Ruche wine is revered in this small area because of its rarety and uniqueness. Traditionally only the locals drank it however word is slowly starting to spread about this wine and its starting to creep over the borders and even abroad, slowly but surely. 
It is produced in the traditional method and is drunk quite young, due to its age it is has a lovely ruby red colour, the aromas are of red berries and very floral!! To be honest the taste is like nothing I have ever tried.  It is so particular and different I really can’t compare it to anything!! Medium bodied,  fruity and faintly sweet.  It is not tannic but rather soft and smooth!! The fruity red berry and plum flavours make it an easy drinking and extremely pleasant wine which I continued to enjoy well into the evening!! It goes very well with the local cheeses of Piedmont, as well as a good old Piemontese pasta.  Ruche is well worth a try and I can guarantee like nothing you have ever tried!!

Inez O’Shea “A taste of Italy


Italian Grapes!!

June 29, 2010 by Inez No Comments »

This week A Taste of Italy is encouraging you to try something different!! Lets be honest, 99.9% of us have tried a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay,Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz etc etc etc etc, but why not try a grape which is indigenous to Italy??
For me there is something really unique and exciting about trying a wine where the grape is ONLY grown in that particular region in Italy, so not only can you NOT find it in any other country in the world, but more often then not it cant even be found in other regions of Italy!!!!!

For example the Valpolicella wine, is made up of 3 grapes, the Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and the Molinara grapes.  All of these grapes are grown only in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, and for me,  knowing this is what makes drinking a Valpolicella or Amarone a real pleasure!!

Of course there are many other indigenous grapes for example many of the wines from the Pidemonte region i.e. the Nebbiolo grape which is the grape responsibile for the Barolo, and Barbaresco wine, as well as the Barbera and Ruche’ wines. Really the list is endless, but this is what distinguishes New World and Old World wine, being an Australian I’m open to all wines, however this is what makes drinking Old World wines enjoyable for me!!


Inez O’Shea “A taste of Italy”