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Cocktail Recipes

April 27, 2011 by Inez No Comments »

Here are some cool little white wine cocktail recipes to get you into the summer spirit!!!




Aloha Bubbly Recipe

2 glasses dry white wine 
2 glasses pineapple juice
2 glasses club soda 
1/2 tsp  sugarInstructions:
Pour the last 3 ingredients in a tall glass and stir well.  Add the crushed ice and the white wine.  Add some more club soda and stir again. Garnish with a strawberry.

Capri Cooler1 shot Schnapps, peach
1/2 glass (Pinot Grigio) Wine, white
1/2 glass Cranberry Juice

Pour 1 shot of peach schnapps into the bottom of your glass. Fill glass halfway with Pinot Grigio wine, then the rest with cranberry juice. Add a few ice cubes, stir and enjoy


1 oz white rum
1 oz fruity white wine
2 thin ginger slices
3-4 pineapple chunks
0.5 oz ginger syrup
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
Top with a fruity sparkling white wine
crushed ice
Garnish pineapple stick and mint
Muddle ginger, pineapple and ginger syrup in shaker. Add fresh lime juice and rum, shake. Strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and top with sparkling white wine. Garnish with pineapple stick and mint.

This drink is perfect on a warm sunny day before or after a hot meal.

WINE CAIPIRINHAwine-caipirinha

½ lime cut in quarters
1 tsp fine raw sugar
1 oz cachaca (i used Leblon)
1 oz white wine with citrus fruit notes
1 oz jamaica (or sub 0.5 oz hibiscus grenadine)
Top with sparkling rosè wine
Muddle lime and sugar, add cachaca, wine and 0.5 oz jamaica and shake over ice and pour into a rocks glass with crushed ice. Top with sparkiling rosè wine and remaining jamaica.  Garnish with a lime wheel spiral.

I enjoy serving an assortment of cheeses and nice fresh foods like Bruschetta, lightly fried octopus, octopus salad with a good olive oil or calamari. 


Inez O’Shea
“A Taste of Italy”